What is QualityinConstruction.com ?

QualityinConstruction.com is the biggest online resource/blog for Quality Management in Construction projects. It was created by Paul (Pavlos) Inglesis in June 2013 and  it will be the tool for connecting all these individuals who have a real interest in Quality Management in the Construction industry, share their experiences and finally try to give answers and raise the level of awareness on this topic, globally.

Who am I?

My name is Paul (Pavlos) Inglesis and I come from Greece.

I have a degree in Civil Engineering and a MSc in Structural Design.

I am Chartered Quality Professional (MCQI) and also Chartered Civil Engineer (MICE)

I got involved with quality management in large construction projects first time in 2008 (so, yes..I am pretty new on this compared to many of you who are reading this blog) and I really liked the field so I started (like you possibly) investigating more the world of quality in construction.

I was really  disappointed with what I could find online so I started this blog to initiate a movement of awareness and cultural behavior within the industry.

I permanently live and work in London, UK since 2012 (go check the rest on Linkedin…).

On my free time I write online travel guides for the beautiful greek islands which you can find here (in case you want to visit them any time…):

Santorini Island Travel Guide

Mykonos Island Travel Guide 


Who should visit  QualityinConstruction.com ?

QualityinConstruction.com is not only for Quality Managers , Engineers and professionals. “Quality” has to be an attitude and “everyday behavior” for everyone who works in the construction industry rather than a profession. So, it’s actually for every individual who wants to participate in an open discussion and would like to contribute his experience and knowledge online. Of course, it’s also for everyone who is looking for some useful information. good practices, famous failures,  and of course an interesting collection of useful files for every construction site.

What more should I expect to find in QualityinConstruction.com other than a blog ?

You will find articles, tips and advise for Inspection and Test Plans, Quality Procedures for Construction, Nonconformities hints (NCRs), Quality Management articles, BIM and Apps, Audits, News in the Construction Industry and even interviews from people working in Quality Management in the Construction industry.



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