What You Need To Know About CE Marking new requirements in construction (Resources and Documents)


There has been a lot of confusion, misunderstandings and buzz lately about the new requirement of CE Marking for Construction products and materials within the EU and more recently within UK (1st of July 2013). All of these, lead to manufacturers running like headless chickens to get accredited the last days before the deadline, Clients […]

DOWNLOAD: Audit Report Form for Construction Projects (blank)


This is an empty Audit Report Form for use in any Construction Project. It has all the reportable items of an Audit (general information, scope, references, findings, location, company, people involved etc). It can be used for any internal or third-party audit (eg. Subcontractors, Designers, Suppliers etc). You can find even more useful documents for Quality Management in Construction in our specific MARKETPLACE (or […]

How to Audit a Subcontractor in a construction project


Have you ever been in a situation that you have to Audit a Subcontractor on Site and you don’t know what to ask…? Well…this is your solution! Auditing a Subcontractor in a construction site can end up with many surprises that you probably were not expecting when you sent out the audit notification. Controlling subcontractors is probably one of the […]