The importance of RFIs


RFIs are one of the most important and useful processes in today’s construction projects and it is an extremely important tool for every size and type of construction projects. So, let’s have a look on what the RFIs are and how they are used in construction management today. YOU CAN NOW DISCUSS QUALITY PROCEDURES AND […]

6 TIPS for writing a good Inspection and Test Plan (ITP)


Inspection and Test Plans are probably the most important documents for the Quality Control of a construction project. A clear, robust and concise ITP will make things on site easy, it will define each party’s responsibilities during the works and after all it will be the “Bible” for compiling the As-Built Packages at the end […]

DOWNLOAD: Audit Report Form for Construction Projects (blank)


This is an empty Audit Report Form for use in any Construction Project. It has all the reportable items of an Audit (general information, scope, references, findings, location, company, people involved etc). It can be used for any internal or third-party audit (eg. Subcontractors, Designers, Suppliers etc). You can find even more useful documents for Quality Management in Construction in our specific MARKETPLACE (or […]