NHQA: A Quality Award for Home Builders in North America

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There is nothing more rewarding for a company or organization than a industry recognised award for quality and excellence. Of course, it’s all about profitability and repeating business but there is nothing more satisfying for a business owner in construction industry than getting recognised for driving excellence in every aspect of their business. There is […]

Interview with Doug Chambers from FIELDLENS


  It’s not a secret anymore that there is a digital revolution the last years in construction industry, which seems very hungry for solutions that will solve many of the problems that everyone working in a construction site faces on a daily basis. We have recently presented 9 Apps for Inspections at a construction project and later […]

Interview with Richard Scott from Priority1


*For All the latest News, Reviews and Top Notch tips visit the new website : Apps For Construction Digitization of construction industry, is gaining more momentum with the Use of Tablets for site inspections and SaaS platforms which aim to make everyone’s life on site easier and probably tidier. We have recently presented 9 Apps for […]

Interview: Quality at Bechtel Group Inc

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Michael Costas, Principal Vice President, Bechtel Group, Inc., in this interview at the American Society for Quality (ASQ), discusses the organization’s culture of quality and communicating process change and risk throughout the company. He also gives his views on the role of quality professionals and their changing role within the enterprise. Source: http://videos.asq.org/quality-at-bechtel