Quality Dashboard for Construction Projects on Excel


Directors love them. Project Managers love them. Clients love them. Everybody loves fancy Dashboards with statistics and charts nowadays! Everybody loves KPIs! They provide a simple way of representing useful Data and information to the decision-makers and thus they should be simple, concise and provide only the data that matter. As a rule of thumb: […]

4+1 Amazing Books For Quality (Not Only In Construction) That Everybody Should Read


These are some great reads for everyone involved in quality management in construction (and not only…) :  1. The Machine That Changed The World ,  by James P. Womack , Daniel T. Jones and Daniel Roos Whether you in Quality or not, this is a great read for anyone interested In modern management and how the Japanese revolutionized mass production […]

That’s an NCR! So what…?


It is more than common secret that Quality Management is not on the top of the list of priorities or agendas of companies and organisations involved in construction industry (including Designers, Contractors, Clients and Owners). Safety, Progress, Cost and winning new projects are probably summarizing the biggest concerns of every Contractor, Client and designer. Is […]

Interview with Richard Scott from Priority1


*For All the latest News, Reviews and Top Notch tips visit the new website : Apps For Construction Digitization of construction industry, is gaining more momentum with the Use of Tablets for site inspections and SaaS platforms which aim to make everyone’s life on site easier and probably tidier. We have recently presented 9 Apps for […]

Google+ Hangout from Bechtel: The Importance of Integration in Delivering Quality

Screen Shot 2013-11-23 at 11.12.44

As part of the World Quality Week 2013 Celebrations, Bechtel has organised a very interesting Google+ Hangout to discuss the value of integration in delivering quality in construction industry. The participants were: Shawn Fenstermacher Shawn heads integrated quality management in North and South America for the Siemens Building Technologies Division.Responsible for quality management and EH&S oversight […]

Building London Underground. Glimpse to a simpler era…


The Institute of Civil Engineers (ICE) in UK has recently published an amazing video (watch above) to celebrate London Underground’s 150 years. On 10 January 1863 the first train travelled from Farringdon to Paddington and today London’s Tube apart from being the oldest metro system in the world, it’s also one of the biggest. Its construction started […]

First things First!


QualityInConstruction.com is on!

After many years of working on Quality Management Systems for large Construction Projects worldwide, I am now in a position where I still have more questions than answers.

There have been cases where I desparetely needed answers in simple practical questions and I had no idea where to look. But I always knew that it couldn’t be only me who had these questions.

There is no argument on the fact that every project and every design is unique. However, humanity is building stuff for more than 10000 years and it’s almost impossible not to have faced similar issues in the past.