Quality Procedures for a Construction Project

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In order for a construction company or a construction project to function properly, internal processes and procedures that will set up the frame of its basic operational activities are almost always required . ISO:9001 – 2008 clearly specifies which Procedures need to be documented in order to fulfill the standard’s minimum requirements. These are the following […]

4+1 Amazing Books For Quality (Not Only In Construction) That Everybody Should Read


These are some great reads for everyone involved in quality management in construction (and not only…) :  1. The Machine That Changed The World ,  by James P. Womack , Daniel T. Jones and Daniel Roos Whether you in Quality or not, this is a great read for anyone interested In modern management and how the Japanese revolutionized mass production […]

That’s an NCR! So what…?


It is more than common secret that Quality Management is not on the top of the list of priorities or agendas of companies and organisations involved in construction industry (including Designers, Contractors, Clients and Owners). Safety, Progress, Cost and winning new projects are probably summarizing the biggest concerns of every Contractor, Client and designer. Is […]

Google+ Hangout from Bechtel: The Importance of Integration in Delivering Quality

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As part of the World Quality Week 2013 Celebrations, Bechtel has organised a very interesting Google+ Hangout to discuss the value of integration in delivering quality in construction industry. The participants were: Shawn Fenstermacher Shawn heads integrated quality management in North and South America for the Siemens Building Technologies Division.Responsible for quality management and EH&S oversight […]